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When a deposit is made and it goes into Pending status the gold is waiting to be moved into the Goldmoney customer assets locker within the Brinks Vault before going into Confirmed status. With the recently pullback in price many sources of physical gold have been very busy. Brinks would be truly busy as well with moving gold around for all of their customers. I had Three deposits in pending status and they have now all been confirmed so it shows up Brinks is catching up. I have never had a deposit not go from pending status to confirmed status so it has not been a concern on my end. It is kind of like buying furniture and then waiting a few days for it to get delivered. Normally my deposits go into confirmed status near instantaneously but with the price pullback it is like an xmas rush.

@Kasimir This is how it works. Gold doesn’t go into confirmed status until it is physically in the Goldmoney Customer assets locker within Brinks. KPMG is the auditor, if they display up at one of the Brinks locations to audit the quantity of gold within Goldmoney’s Customer Assests locker the gold needs to add up to the exact amount of gold that is in "confirmed" status. The Goldmoney platform provides total transparency.

If there are so many steps involved with a transaction then please state those steps. These could be for example the steps when a bank deposit is done:

1. Pending – Awaiting Funds arrival

Two. Pending – Bank Transfer ended, awaiting Gold allocation by Vault Custodian

It doesn’t sound like much, but at the moment its a mystery to know if my wire transfer has even arrived, especially for fresh customers thats always a big question. So I have to go through the hassle and contact my sending bank to see if everything is alright and then send a support email to goldmoney (then receive an automatic response stating i can wait 3-5 days for a response) and then have to come to the forums to get any attention? It just adds up to the frustration. I indeed believe these little improvements would solve a lot questions and frustration for customers.

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