Bittrex neo antshares – NEO (Formerly known as Anshares) is a brainy assets platform with combines brainy contracts and digital assets. I have an special interview .

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A review on Antshares or Neo. A talk about Antshares potential in the cryptomarket. Where to buy and how to invest in the next ethereum or ethereum in China.

Antshares fell by over 20% today and is now experiencing high volatility after their press conference. Get an overview of what was announced during the .

7 reasons why I hold most of my crypto monies in Antshares/NEO See my very first movie about Antshares here: .

Being the very first cryptocurrency in China, Antshares is feeling the love from its latest upside stir. Do you think it’s just the beginning, or does Antshares have a .

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In this movie I will discuss the latest price surge NEO (Antshares) has been having. Additionally, I will go into details on the August 11th Live Stream & August .

Very first of all I clearly can’t pronounce LiteCoin my apologies. "Lit Coin" lmfao Antshares (ANS) over Bitcoin (BTC) ,Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) | Should you .

NEO, previously known as Antshares, has seen an unbelievable surge in price bringing a lot of attension to this cryptocurrency project. Today we take a look at .

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This is my very first ever movie. I was inspired by my fresh beloved cryptocurrency NEO (Antshares). NEO Donation Address: .

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A look at how Antcoins works on the antshares platform! WHat are the ways in which antcoins make exponentially make more money than antshares! Coinbase .

My fresh prediction, what do you think? Sellers kick rocks, I want to hear from holders! Guys, the supposedly "wise money" is either selling or out. This is the time .

I’m betting antshares goes to 15 and hopefully 25 maybe even 50 by July 16th right after the July 15th conference! This thing is going to take off, hope you love .

Antshares shows no sign of stopping. ICN up 30%, while BTC and ETH take a well deserved rest!! Here is a excellent article about ANS Antshares: .

ICO starts August 8th, 2016. Visit for more information. Visit to join discussion.

Explain why neo is still a valid buy! It is going up in price daily and may fall! But the fundamentals are there! Neo has such a fine potential and is the fresh .

NEO is about to be born, what to do to receive NEO tokens to substitute Antshares. Guide to Antshares Wallet, .

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In this movie I will explain why the NEO price will grow to over $100, and become the cryptocurrency with the third highest market capitalization in the near term.

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Antshares is now eventually being listed as NEO, as coinmarketcap has updated its symbol yet it has not caught traction on all exchanges as NEO it sure will be .

In this movie I will discuss fountains of information surrounding NEO, and then go over an ICO. NEO has a ton of arousing things happening, and this movie will cover .

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